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Attic Solutions is a division of  Prevailing Resources LLC specializing in customized insulation solutions for your home or business. We are registered and insured and have over 20 years experience in the industry. Our professional consultants have the knowledge and experience to effectively meet your insulation needs and make sure you recieve all possible REBATES AND TAX CREDITS. 



Bring your insulation up to date or up to code with Owens Corning AttiCat  and EcoTouch Fiberglass insulation.

GreenFiber Cellulose availiable upon request!

Have us insulate your cold drafty crawlspace with Owens Corning  EcoTouch Fiberglass insulation.

Air Sealing and Caulking also availiable!

From standard roof vents and soffits to state of the art

solar powered attic ventilators - make sure your attic is cool and dry all

year round! 

Insulate your commercial or agricultural building. Rapid estimates and quality installation by professional installers!





"We are very pleased. Upstairs used to be like a sauna in the summertime and now there is no discernible difference in temperature from the downstairs to the upstairs. I can actually sleep now in the summer."

Tom and Sue Tuma, 17 year old 2 story house                                

Owatonna, MN


"The day it was installed I came home from work and went upstairs to my kids' rooms, which are on the west facing walls. It was the same temperature up there as the first floor. Usually it is unbearably hot. The installers were there at 10 a.m. and by that evening it was already working."

Mark DeVries, 2 story house                                                                    

Waverly, IA 


"It has cut our heating bills by probably 1/3. We had it installed in the crawl space under our living room and bedroom, and its made such a difference with our cold floors in the winter."

Butch and Erin Varrleman, Older 2 story house                                      

Chapin, IA 


"We absolutely notice a difference. We went to Hawaii for a week this July and turned the air off while we were gone. We got back at noon the day we came home, and it was only 77 Degrees in the house.”

"In the winter we set it at 68 degrees and just leave it there. We don't have to keep cranking the heat up all the time. We definitely feel we got our money's worth."

Terry and Zelda Cecak, 8 year old 1 story house                                        

Toledo, IA 


"First of all, it was such a pleasure meeting both of you. I appreciated the efficiency and professionalism you demonstrated in my home, you are both welcomed back anytime."

"Although the heat of summer isn't "officially" here yet, I wanted to let you know that we can tell a remarkable difference on the few days of 80+ degree days we've had. Normally the house heats up around noon or so and by 2 we're having to turn on the AC...well...the house has stayed at a comfortable 68-72 all day until around 5 or 6 when we get the evening sun in our front bay windows then it heats up a few degrees, but we just open up the east facing windows (you know we always have a breeze around here) and we cool right back down. We have not turned our AC on as of yet!"

"As you know Colorado weather is 80+ one day and the next day we have snow...having said that, we only turned on the heater once since you left here at the end of did get down to 60 in here...but we had a high of 35 that day and 40mph winds! So I will attribute a lot of that warmth in here from the blanket under the house...we don't have any insulation under there at all and on those cold windy days the heat was just sucked out of here and the floors were freezing. The tile is still kind of cool, but you can tolerate it barefoot...yeah!"

"I am confident that we made the right choice in choosing your product and that the payback will be quicker than you estimated." Meanwhile, I'll continue to sing your praises (both product and your guys). Please feel free to use us as a reference anytime."

Billy and Tina Hunt, 1 story house

Pueblo West, CO


"We had our attic blanket installed in April it is now June. When we walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor we do not hit the wall of heat anymore! Our house is consistantly the same temperature throughout! It's amazing! So comfortable! If we ever buy another house we will be calling to get the attic blanket installed again!

Kathy and Dave Grice, 2 story house

Kansas City, MO


"I wanted to tell you that we love it !! The heat index was well over 100 degrees last week and the upstairs stayed very comfortable. We are so pleased. Thanks for working with us to make it possible, we will tell all our friends!!

Susan and Rodger Elandt, 2 story house



"Well I have to admit that even with your knowledgeable presentation of your product and education on the benefits of an attic blanket, we still had an ounce of skepticism and wondered if we had made the right decision prior to the installation. But I can honestly say that one month after the installation we have no hesitation whatsoever about recommending both the product and your company. The biggest surprise, however, was how quickly we felt the benefits. We truly have found that our heater does not come on very much at all right now even with the colder weather. Without the heat escaping, the heat builds from the ceiling down and gives us a much more even distribution of warmth throughout the rooms and it is very noticeable."

Davina Willis, 1 story house

Wichita, KS


515-279-2010 IA





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